Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"p" AND "v" in the course of 2 days

Looks like Geoff won the bet!!(...even though he'd already won before I even opened the table for betting):

After the addendum for my post last night, in which I explained that Kaya had already said "p" in "pah" and "peh" (park and pear), Kaya asked for water this morning (Wasser) by clearly enunciating a "V" and reaching for the glass! YEEEHAAAWWWW.

2 points Tamara. Lots of points Geoff.
Oh right. This isn't a competition. =)

Of course not, it's our BABY! Speaking and understanding both languages at 13 months. Positive pulsations flowing through my veins (!!!!)...especially after my trip to my hair dresser who expressed her strong desires to be able to do the same.

But my competitive nature is leaking out quickly, and I find myself wanting to find words in German that we would use anyway for her to say in German. I can justify it by saying that my "giving in" to this "competition" would be helping her language development regardless, so what the heck, right? And now my curiosity is getting the best of me, so I can't ignore the idea altogether anyhow. =)

So, let's see, with help from (they have MANY languages available, and LOTS of phrases defined),
single syllable words in German that start with--
M:Maus, Mais (Corn),
B: Bauch (belly),
V: Wald,
N: neun (9), null (0), mach (do/make)

Ok. I'm abandoning ship for the time being because DICT.CC is SO extensive that I keep getting distracted by all these cool words that I like to learn and think about. I think it might be better to look through our kid dictionaries, anyway, and just update this as I go.

AND maybe there's some of you out there that have some ideas and can fill in the blanks? Would love to hear from you!

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