Monday, February 22, 2010

More words after a few day lull--AND a kiss for the baby!

Kaya is 13 months today!!! Yay oh yay!
Here's the latest and greatest of today's exciting news:

This morning, while reading in her favorite reading spot (the rocker in her room), Kaya signed "vogel" (bird) after about a month of us showing her the sign (and a 4 day long intensive of late). Her's, as usual in an amended sign: she has a hard time extending the thumb and forefinger to touch, with all the other fingers wrapped into a fist (as is the sign), but she curls her finger and thumb and touches them together, with most of the other fingers curled out of the way. I was, yet again, SO excited to see the sign emerge today!

Another sign she finally got today while eating in her high chair was "Essen" (eat). She's been seeing this one for months, and I'm kind of surprised that it took her so long to demonstrate it herself, as it's a pretty basic sign (fingers together, gathered to a point, and touched to mouth). I do this sign a lot right before we eat, asking her if she wants to eat, and if she's hungry. She did it today in the process of eating, today, as if to tell, or ask me?, that she's eating. Once again, YAY!!

And, another big surprise for the day: a KISS for the baby that she was holding in her arms at Jamie's next door!!! Kaya doesn't have a baby at our house (a raggedy ann is her only doll right now), but maybe it's time for us to find her one! Jamie and I had been talking about how Kaya doesn't have a baby, and while we were talking about it, Kaya crawled over to the baby on the floor at Jamie's, and picked it up. I went to her immediately, and started talking to her about it: "Du hast doch ein Baby? Du hast uns gehoert, gel? Halt das Baby so." And then it happened: she pulled the baby's face up to hers and kissed it!! Ok, not such a big deal at all for most 13 month olds--many of my friends' babies already kiss all the time, humans. We've tried to get her to kiss us, but she doesn't seem to get it. So, when she up and kissed the baby, it clearly warmed my heart and brought a HUGE smile to my face! I think it is time to get her a baby, indeed. =)And a truck.

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