Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Combining Syllables for the "Doggy"

Kaya must have heard me doing all this analysis on her, and wanted to show me what she's really made of:

Today, she said "doggy."
Clear as day. Twice.
Of course, I wasn't there to hear it, but Gramms and Dada were.

New territory now! Just think--Blau (or blue), blind (or blind), blustery (ok, maybe down the road a bit), foggy, soggy, froggy!!

And this morning, as she was fascinated with the flowers on my shirt, she began saying "bl-bl-bl-bl-bl" after I told her they were called Blumen. She referenced my flowers later as such, as well.

Pretty soon here there's gonna be so much language development so quickly that I'm not gonna be able to get it all down here...esp. since she'll be walking one of these days here soon, too!


  1. Yea!!! Now get your video camara ready!!

  2. Thanks for sharing in our joy, Elizabeth! You make a great point with the camera! We just bought more tapes last week...time to have it charged all the time. =)
    Muchas gracias,


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