Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nodding Cheese Bottle

Ok, ok, so I know this is a language blog. But, I don't think that all that many people are reading the finite details anyhow--the posts that I don't announce individually that is (if you are, I'd love a reminder that you're out there!). So, I'm gonna share my joy that Kaya, despite initial resistance this morning, held and fed herself her own bottle this morning!!! She's been able to take and lift a sippy to her lips, but struggles to tip it up and keep it there long enough to drink (without then starting to scream and insist that we do it for her). This morning, however, she was so hungry while I was changing her diaper that she accepted my prompts for her to hold it herself! YAY!! She drank about 3/4 of the bottle that way, all by herself. Then, when I took her in my arms, available to help her, she continued to hold it herself, seemingly quite happy to be able to do it herself.

Beaming mom moment. =)

Yesterday, on a similar progress note, Kaya learned how to sign "cheese", or what she knows as "Kaese" (cay-zuh). I've been signing this to her for many months, but it wasn't until yesterday that she crossed her hands and rubbed her palms together, twisting back and forth. It's a relatively complicated sign to make, so it doesn't surprise me that it took her until now to get it.

But I've been realizing that she picks up on these signs SO quickly (with dog, for instance, after just a couple times seeing the sign) that all we need to do is learn or make up the signs and use them! So, we're working on "baby". "help", "grandpa Crackers", "Gramms", "potty" and "water" (also hard to make) and "bed". See how it goes! She's still doing her right-handed palm bounce while she's eating that I can't figure out--I think I've done it for her when I want her to slow down. But maybe she's confused it with something else--and I've been inconsistent. It's no wonder I'm confused!

My all time favorite communication on her part right now is her head nod, often accompanied by a quick, verbal "ja" (yes). If you haven't seen it, I'll try to give you a mental image right now: she juts her chin out a little bit and proceeds to bounce her whole head, the bouncing affecting almost all of her chest. =) SO cute. I love how I can now know, with greater accuracy, what she is understanding and what she isn't.

It's possible that I hear her cries next door--today is our alternate swap day with the neighbors, so I've been able to jot down all these thoughts while sitting in the sun on the bench in our front yard: such a luxury at this time of year in Portland to be sweating in the sun!

Once again, thanks for reading, whoever's out there. Fun to have you along in my thoughts!


  1. I found signs to be really useful when communicating with Griffin--his dad and I used the same signs even though we speak different languages with Griffin, so the signs acted like a bridge to reinforce the meanings of both languages!

  2. Sarah, I was so excited about this aspect of baby sign, too! Like a very valuable bridge that we have available to us in our situations. =) Thanks for bringing that up!


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