Sunday, May 9, 2010

Small changes at 15.5 months

Looks like it's working out best these days to update days of daily updates are behind me, at least for now. =) Perhaps once things "speed up" in the language department, I'll have more to report...but at that point, I'm sure that there will be THAT much more going on in life...leaving that much less time to jump into cyberspace to leave our legacy.

At this point, as I implied above, there isn't TOO much new language development least that's very easy to report on. She's much more likely to mimic the intonation and often the actual sound of the various words that we say...sometimes I swear that I hear her say certain things, but think to myself, "There's no way." Of course, I know that there is...but admittedly, I found myself doubting regardless.

About three weeks ago, she spend a good part of the weekend with her grandparents, my in-laws. The language report that came back from that trip was that she was saying:
Bemba (Bamber) = Amber...the family dog)
Tante (Aunt) = Aunt Jules
Bempa (Granpa) = Grandpa Crackers (Staton)
Gamma (Grandma) = Grandma Bev (staton)

Today, while she rolled off the mattress on the floor, she said "off" for the first time. This was after Geoff said, "You rolled off."

As Geoff says, her language output is "about the same, there's just a lot more of it." She's babbling a LOT more, and making new sounds in these babbles than she's made before.

Last week, she was pointing definitively at the kitchen. I got up and held up thing after thing, asking her if it was what she wanted. At one point, about 30 seconds into the process, she made the sign for "water". I thanked her, brought her water, and we went happily about the rest of our morning (at least for the next little bit!).

It seems to me that Kaya would really benefit from being able to communicate more clearly more often. She gets SO frustrated these days, kicking her legs and arching her back, often at things that she wants but can't seem to communicate about. Granted, it's often just a matter of wanting and not being able to have...but it would be helpful if she had more words and signs. All in due time, but we'll continue to add both to her vocabulary list as we can!

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