Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Slipping into Native Language

As you may know, after reading a previous post about Trigger Language, I have been speaking with Kaya in English (my native language) when I am too overwhelmed to operate in German. As I stated in that post, I was, and continue to be, very satisfied, and even happy, with that decision. Her tantrum-time (per 'event') has continued to decline, and both of us are much better off, both in the moment and in the end.

One drawback that I have noticed, however, is that English words have been slipping out of my mouth with her now and again, whereas before, that never happened. It seems natural, and a point to which some people might respond with concern. However, for me, it is merely an observation at this point, as I feel SO strongly that I need to have English available to me, or rather, I need to be OK with speaking English with her in those challenging moments. It's not an option, at this point, though with this observation of the intermittent slipping of language, it serves to remind me of my goal to, one day, speak only German with her all the time...as unrealistic as that may feel right now.

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