Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our "Cooh" Little Landscape Architect

I'm sitting here, at our desk, listening to the cascading of water outside of our (closed) window. It's not raining. And we didn't move to the Gorge.

For those of you who have been to our house, you may recall that we have a small water feature below the windows of our office. If you've looked at it in any detail, you may have noticed that the water generally flows up and out of the hole in the basalt, cascading silently throughout its entire journey from the top of the hole to the bottom of the rock. Key term: silently.

This afternoon, as Kaya was playing with her Dada in front yard, she went about her usual business of playing with the river rock around the fountain. This time, however, instead of creating a brown ring around her lips from sucking on the dirty rocks, she went to college, completed her architecture degree, and re-designed our water feature by adding a pile of rocks to and around the hole, causing more of a fountain and thus, an audible 'splash' onto the river rock below.

We'll be taking orders starting tomorrow. Should you be interested, leave your name and number with the secretary. She'll pass the message on to the builder.

Nearly more exciting than the soothing sounds we now have at our doorstep (and certainly more pertinent to the focus of this here blog), is what she said after she was done: "Wau.Cooh." Ok, granted, this was in response to Geoff's response of, "Wow. Cool!", but still...the exciting part is that she's mastering her "k" sound--a very important one considering her name. =)

Which reminds me...(how I could forget this, I'm not sure!): a couple days ago, she finally said her name, clear as a bell, though the K sound was a bit softer than one might normally pronounce. (Here's where the proud mom says, "But who the hell cares about soft Ks!!!) We were looking at the photographs that hang above her changing table (an idea that I still love!), and I asked her, as I often do, "Wo ist dein Dada?" (Whose yo daddy!?...I mean, where's dada?). She pointed at Geoff. Then, I asked her, "Wer ist das?" (who is that?), pointing at her in the picture, and she said, quite definitively, "Kaya."


Similarly as exciting: our daughter can now repeat to me that she has "caca" (German AND English equivalents) in her pants; is eating a "Crecka" (also German and English equivalents); and, as mentioned above, that her landscaping job is "Cooh" (Cool...ALSO coincidentally a German and English equivalent!).

And not surprisingly (because of her affection towards the letter B), she came out with the term "Bubboh" (Bubble) tonight as she and Geoff were playing in the hand-washing bowl after dinner. Apparently she said it a bunch of times before he busted out the video camera--at least he caught her saying it once! It's on a DV tape, so I can't share it here yet, but it's the cutest little sound you ever did see.

Anybody know what "bizu" means? She's been enjoying this 'word', and though we love the sound of it, neither of us can figure out the mystery to the puzzle. If YOU can, there's a complimentary consultation in it for you by the landscaping master herself...

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