Saturday, December 31, 2011

Silly Sally with Daddy

One of Kaya's favorite books these days is 'Silly Sally'...she'd read it every night if we didn't gently nudge her at times to read others with us instead. She's read it so much, in fact, that she knows many pages, and nearly the whole book in fact, by heart.

As she was reading with Geoff tonight, I couldn't resist the temptation to capture them on film. I so rarely post videos of her speaking English, and I thought it would be not only fun to share, but fun to have here for later, too. I really like the part in the video where she interrupts her reading in English with Geoff to let me know, in German, that she needs her fingernail trimmed, and that, no, it can't wait until after they read. I also love how she gets under the blanket, which she does every time, to hide from 'the big Neddy' (Buttercup)! The video is a bit long, at 5-ish minutes, but it does a great job at showing where she's at these days. Enjoy!

Also, while I'm thinking of it, I wanted to point out, for those who may have not noticed, that I recently added a new page to the blog. It's called 'The Quotable Kaya', and is specifically for notable quotes and conversations that take place in our lives with Kaya. Some of them are simply cute, while others of them, especially the ones I've recorded recently, seem really telling of her language process at this stage. In general, her German is on par, if not maybe even a little stronger, than her English! Oh how I've dreamed of this stage!!!

p.s. For those of you who receive these posts emailed to you, the Quotable Kaya page doesn't get emailed, should you be interested in following along with little conversations here and there, check back every now and again!


  1. Hi Tamara

    I love the new photo you have chosen for the header of your blog. It's wicked.

    Thanks for posting the video of Kaya - I find it so interesting to see her progress. It's amazing to see how naturally she switches languages. Im really happy for you that things are going so well and Kaya is speaking in full German sentences - Bilingualism rocks!!!!

  2. Maman,
    Yay, you're back in our little non-native corner! I imagine you are super busy with your new job and growing bump!! (which I bet is looking less like a bump lately!)

    Thanks, as always, for the nice to "see your face"...I'm happy to know you like the photo. I thought it would be a nice change...I love it, too! I'm also constantly impressed with how she switches like a light, with a burned out bulb just every so often...

    Bilingualism does rock! Thanks for the validation, once again...look forward to peeking over there soon! Maybe a pregnant pic and updated family photo soon?! wink wink.?


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