Thursday, February 3, 2011


I just went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. It's clearly time for bed.
As I'm brushing, Geoff says to me, "Kaya just kicked me out of her room..."

"What?!" I ask him, despite my understanding that this is completely within the realm.

Apparently, he had gone into her room because he heard mumbling. She came home from grandma and grandpa's tonight with a fever, and it was about time to change her diaper. Some checking was in order.

"I'm gonna give you a new diaper," he told her.
"New diaper," she responded, eager for a dry bum.

Then, Geoff stood next to the crib, looking lovingly upon his sweet little babe, red-cheeked and feverish. She needs me here, he thought. She's sick and surely doesn't want to be alone. He really wanted to go to bed, he told me. Didn't want to get stuck there rocking so he couldn't get some sleep himself. But he also really wanted to be there for her, to comfort her in her sickness.

"I'm gonna rock, OK?" he asked her, rhetorically.

She looked at him from behind the bars, snuggling her monkey.
"Out," she said, simply.

"You want me to go out?" he asked, despite the apparent clarity.
"Yeah," she replied.

Our daughter just kicked my husband out of her room. At 2. While sick.


It's a few weeks later now, Feb. 19th, and a few days ago, I heard Kaya calling "out, out, out..." while Geoff was in there, changing her diaper. I felt awful for him, his daughter telling him to leave in the wee hours of the morning. When he came back into the room, he told me that he thought she was saying "out" because she wanted to be out of her crib. I, admittedly, had my doubts...I still feared that she was telling him to leave. After he had come back, she was still upset, crying and carrying on. I went in there to see if I could calm her down, and within a few seconds of my being in there, too, I heard her say it again: "out". Maybe she did want out of her crib after all. So, feeling hopeful, I asked her:
"Willst du aus dem Bett?" [Do you want out of your bed?]
"Yeah," she replied, sweetly.

So, there's no guarantee that she meant either, as she often answers "yeah" to questions that really deserve a 'no'. But, perhaps, just perhaps, she didn't really kick my husband out of her room...

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