Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Another Noisy One"

Kaya is lying in bed right now after being put to bed more than two hours ago. It's 10:45pm. As I was putting away a few dishes in the kitchen, I hear her sweet little voice in the distance. "Is that what I thought I heard?!" I asked Geoff. Did our daughter just tell me that I was being noisy while I was putting away the dishes?

Yes indeed.
'Noisy' is exactly what I heard coming from the crack in the doorway.

Go listen some more, I told Geoff. Let's get a play by play.

"Up. Up. Up.
Down. Down. Down."

"Anuhder one," she added, hoping to have another Schnulli (binky) at her disposal. She's always loved having access to two of them. Similar to how she loves to have plenty of food on her plate or in her hands.

"Weeego, weego, weego, weego," is her mantra now.
What is that, asks Geoff. What is she in there wiggling, I wonder?

The other day, as she was laying her Schnullis 'in their place' on the arm of the monks bench in front of her crib, Kaya uttered her first 4-word sentence:
"Kaya have it waytur." She was letting Geoff know that she'd be having her binky later, finally having learned that she gets access to her beloved Schnullis at bedtime (and sometimes in the car).
Geoff was so excited. I could have sworn she'd already said a 4-worder, and regretfully rained on his parade by telling him that. But then, as I was sitting with her at breakfast the next morning, she said it again, in reference to her food that she was done eating, and I was sure then, we've definitely hit a new phase.

Last night, as she was eating dinner with Geoff, she impressed him further with her statement about who's chicken she was eating: "Unkoh Gweg made eh." (Uncle Greg made it) Similar to what she used to say to me about our Christmas tree, since Geoff strung the lights: "Daddy made eh."

My nose is runnin' and I'm eager to nurse this oncoming my inspirations are waning. I jumped on as soon as I heard that "noisy" comment come from her room, and now, as I hear her saying, "Baby Bett," wonder if I best go check on that baby in bed.

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