Thursday, November 11, 2010

Liebe ist....

I've just been dancing around the internet, seeking and discovering a wealth of information and passion around this multilingual journey. SO many others are in it along with us, it's really very exciting for me! I feel SO thankful for the internet right now, that it allows me to connect with others on this path, to learn from them, to read about their anecdotes, to smile about their lives and loves.

And about love (that's crazy because I really didn't plan that segue at all!)...I just bumped into this little video in which a number of German-speaking kids speak about love and what it is. I wish there were English subtitles, or that I knew how to do that...because for those of you non-German speakers out there, I'd LOVE for you to be able to understand the sweet details of these kids' musings...!

But in the meantime, I'll post it here, and if nothing else, you can enjoy the cute drawings and the sweet voices of these kids speaking German in a way that Kaya soon will (a thought that excites the HECK out of me!!!).

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