Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Button, Button, Who's got the Button?

Last week Friday morning, after Kaya had been at her grandparents the day before, I discovered that she'd learned a new word while she was away (surely she'd learned more, too!). She and I were upstairs--I was sewing, and she was playing with various toys. Suddenly, I heard her say, clear as day, "Button!" When I looked at her, with half amazement and half curiousity, I saw her pointing at the jar of buttons on my sewing desk. A big smile drew across my face. Buttons. Of course.

So, giving her the jar, I quickly grabbed my phone so I could capture a little video for you to share in my smiles! Initially, I made a video where I spoke both languages to her, so that the non-German speakers could understand it more easily. But, since that's not how I speak to her regularly, and I wanted this video to be realistic, I made another one, figuring I could just provide a script for you:

Me: Was ist das, Kaya? (What is that?)
Kaya: Button....button...!
Me: Ja, Dada sagt 'button'. (Yeah, Dada says, 'button'.)
Me: Wo ist Dada? (Where is Dada?)
Kaya: Arbeit. (work)--This is also a new word as of last week...I started telling her that "Dada ist in der Arbeit", and then started asking her where he is...to which she quickly started answering as she did in this video.
Me: Ja. Hast du Hunger? (Are you hungry?) --In the last video, Kaya randomly said, "Hummer", which is her version of "Hunger"...I wanted to see if I could get her to say it in this video too, but she simply answered my question as opposed to repeating my word, which is pretty normal these days)
Kaya: Ja.......button.
Me: Ja. Dada sagt button, genau. (Dada says button, exactly.) Ok. Bye-bye...sagst du mal 'bye-bye'? (say bye-bye?)
Kaya: Bye-bye.


  1. I see it clearly right there...maybe your settings are different? Are other people having this challenge, too? Mac Users?


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