Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guacamole "A-a"

Maybe if I use the German term for 'poop' in the title of this post, I won't send as many people away, disgusted at the fact that I seem to incessantly write about defecation...

Tonight, Geoff and I 'treated' ourselves to dinner out with Kaya. Ok, it wasn't exactly planned--we were out shopping and realized that there was no way we could make it to Nordstrom AND home in time to satiate our hungry toddler. So, with Chipotle around the corner, it became the obvious choice (I HATE the fact that they are owned by McDonalds, but can't help but appreciate that they profess to use meat that isn't infused with antibiotics!).

We get home with our food, and do our darndest to slap her bib on and help her climb into her chair before she starts screaming. She's eagerly grabbing at the silver wrapping on the burrito, while I make meager attempts to fasten her bib.

Finally, we're all set to go: place mats on the table, forks in place, baby all 'bedeckt'. Putting the shiny burrito to the side for a few, I set out to remove the lid from the burrito 'bowl'. Kaya's eyes are as wide as a whale's, drool nearly dripping to the floor. As I peel away the last part of the bowl and remove the lid, Kaya sees the big pile of green, chunky guacamole on top of the rice dish and proclaims that she knows EXACTLY what we're having for dinner: "A-A"

For those of you fluent in German, or if you happen to remember my post from a few weeks back, I don't need to say much more. I'm just really glad that number one, she can't yet speak full sentences and share those full sentences with other people in our lives: "Mama gab uns A-a zum Abendessen heute. Es war gruen und grob und ecklig!" (Mama fed us poop for dinner tonight! It was green and chunky and disgusting!) I'm also similarly glad that she chooses the word "a-a" over "poop" 90% of the time, and that we weren't eating AT Chipotle during the other 10%.

I'm confident that I have a life time full of embarrassing moments ahead of me now that I'm a parent...but maybe, just maybe, this German thing will work out to my benefit in that department?!

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  1. This is a great entry!

    I wanted to add a positive note that Chipotle is no longer owned by McDonalds. In 2006 they parted ways so that Chipotle could focus on changing the way Americans think about fast food. They have focused on better meat and other ingredients. Here's a press release from 2006:


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