Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Uh-oh"...and more of her latest ramblings

Saturday morning, as some fruit dropped on the floor at the cabin, Kaya learned how to say "uh-oh"...and we LOVE it. The way she purses her lip when she says "oh" is SO cute, it makes us laugh every time. I was able to snatch a photo of it last night when we went out to eat...

Apparently, according to Grandpa Crackers, she also said "FIRE" this weekend, too. He was telling her about the wood, and that it goes in the fire, when she repeated after him and said it "clear as day", he said. I missed both that word, as well as the word "FROG", which apparently she said a couple weeks ago while she was at her grandparents house for the night, looking at a frog toy. Again, they say she said it very clearly, but we haven't been able to get her to say it since then. =) This past week, however, she's been saying "ga-ga", as well as "la-la-la", so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she nailed that 'g' on the end of her "frog".

A couple posts ago I made a general statement about how she repeats a lot of what we say these days. Then I spent the morning with Nathan, who is 3 months her senior. I realized that HE is the one who actually repeats, without all the clear consonant sounds yet, what we say...whereas Kaya will pick up words every now and again, and TRY now and again to say what we're saying. She is also more likely to say the words that we have said if she is asked if she can say the word in particular--a game that her 'Dada' and 'Bempa' tend to play with her a lot more often than I do (which has lead to my formulation of a new theory on her language development, which I will write about soon).

For now, though, I hear some peeps from her room...it's time for lunch and to continue our day having fun together...and trying to clean up our crazy messes! =)


  1. By the way, would you consider letting me link to one of your recent posts for the upcoming Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism? (Or you could write something new--your choice!) Please email me by June 29 if you're interested.

    More info here: http://babybilingual.blogspot.com/2010/06/carnival-deadline-june-29.html.

  2. Er, that previous comment is me--I was logged into Gmail via my blog account, "Baby Bilingual." I didn't mean to leave my name as "Baby" (as much as I enjoyed the movie "Dirty Dancing"!).

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Sorry I missed your comment way back in June...as I recently wrote about, my mom passed away a few weeks before you wrote, so life was too crazy for blogging. =)
    I actually just signed up to be included in the Carnivals, which has me really excited. If you host again, please feel free to link to something I wrote...I'd just love to know when you do it if you do.
    Hopefully I'll get a chance to drop you a line on your site, but if I don't, hopefully you'll get emailed when I respond here! =)
    and I forgot to ask...which post?


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