Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Resources

I struck it rich today with some new resources, one of which I'm REALLY excited about. I thought, instead of just adding the names to the sidebar without pomp and circumstance, I'd at least welcome them into my life with some ceremony here:

Lisa kann schon viele Sachen: Kindergartenlieder vom Aufstehen bis zum Schlafengehen

Yeah, some of the songs are hokey, but for those of us non-natives, it's a great CD in that it follows the day of little Lisa, from her wake-up routine to her bedtime one, including bits and pieces of conversations that she has with both her mom and her best friend, Lukas. It's fun to not only to listen to the text of the songs, but to feel a part of their day, too. =)

See how the other ones are before I review them...


  1. Did you order it from I've never tried so was wondering how that works if so.

  2. Hi Lauren,
    I'm sorry I missed your comment, I don't know what happens sometimes!
    Anyway, I didn't order it, but instead got it from the library of our local German school (maybe you can strike up a relationship with one in Seattle, too, being the savvy writer/momma that you are?!). I haven't ordered from because you need an address in Germany...I did that once, actually, when I had a friend who was coming back from a trip over there and I used his address. But generally, there's a group of us in the playgroup that order from Amazon and the shipping is really affordable. Maybe you don't need an address...perhaps that's only for used items. Yeah, that must be it.
    Anyway, I do apologize for the delay in responding!


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